What is Coaching?

As a sports coach helps an athlete improve their performance so a coach supports and develops you so that you are achieveing more of what you want from your work life.

Coaching is objective and focuses on the present and future possibilities, using your current strengths to improve your effectiveness. The process sets up procedures to ensure confidentiality.

Typically coaching sessions are held over a three or four month period and can be held face-to-face or over the telephone. Email and telephone support is available between sessions.

Policies & Procedures

Coaching Sessions: All sessions are completely confidential. Areas covered will include both big and small items as well as things that might not appear immediately related to the goals. Coaching is about action and improving your life as well as achieving your goal. Other options will be explored to ensure that the most suitable outcome is achieved. The coachee is in charge at all times.

Changes: Session will be charged if they are changed or cancelled within 24 hours of the original meeting.

Support: Coaching is a process and not just a session. In order to change behaviours or deal with problems do email or telephone as these are not charged. If a session needs to be brought forward this can be organised.