The 'Wheel of Life'

Many of us lead busy lives, often giving priority to that which makes the most immediate pressing demands. We get comfortable with certain behaviours and perspective changes. I have looked at some areas of the City (sales, research, trading) as well as some more general areas (management, career, wellness and ‘Life’)

The following exercise looks at various areas of ones job or life I have modified ‘the wheel of life’ exercise. It only takes a minute and, hopefully, will give you some clues as how to improve your performance whether at work or home. Call me if you want to take this further as objective analysis can open up new areas for exploration and improvement.


To do another one, refresh the page after you have completed. Do telephone or email me if you have any questions.If a colleague might find this useful do forward them this link

I hope this will help you to ask yourself some different questions. To see my dedicated Career website and blog at: